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Libby Maple

Small Batch Maple Syrup

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What We Offer

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Bulk Orders

Do you have a special event, wedding or celebration that you’d like to have
favors for? Would you like to recognize your employees for a company
We can provide our Libby Maple Syrup in glass or plastic containers and we
can also provide a personalized label to include on the bottle.
Contact us for more information and Pricing

Pure Maple Syrup

Pure Maine Maple Syrup
Syrup with an amber color and rich flavor. Popular for table and all-around
use. Packaged in a plastic jug.

Maple Crunch

This crunch made with Libby’s Maple Syrup has been a staple for many
many years! No Maple season is complete without multiple batches of this
sweet treat. Customers love the taste of crunch on Yogurt, ice cream or just
plain out of the bag. The sweet taste of Libby Maple syrup combined with
the pecans make this snack something that you can’t put down! Order
plenty if you want enough to share!
**Requests for NUT FREE crunch are welcome please indicate if you wish to
order this way

Get In Touch

117 Bowman Rd, Cornville ME 04976

(207) 242-6100

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