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About Us

Libby Maple is located on the Bowman Road in Cornville Maine at our camp.
In the early 90’s Jay and Kathryn heard about an event called Maine Maple
Sunday and thought it would be fun to take our boys (Clint, Brock and Jon) to
visit the local sugar houses. What started as a simple visit to learn about the
making of Maple Syrup turned into a much bigger venture as it usually does
with the Libby boys!

After visiting several sugar houses that day Jay & Kathryn decided it would be
fun to purchase a small backyard boiler that we would set up at our Camp.
When the boys were growing up we would spend most every free weekend at
our camp in Cornville. Making Maple Syrup as a family would be something
new that would add to our camp adventures.

That first Spring was an adventure for sure. We were learning the ropes and
things didn’t always go as planned. We learned from some of the locals and
each season we got better at producing Libby Maple Syrup.
We upgraded our backyard boiler to a new 2 x 6 evaporator in 2000.
Production went from 1 pint per hour to one gallon per hour!
Each year we continued to add more taps, abandoned our bucket collection
and added our saplines which now number approximately 1,200 taps.
Our next project will be to add a new more efficient evaporator and make
some improvements to our saphouse. The next generation of Libby Maple is
ready to take the reins and we are excited to see how they will carry on the
tradition of making our small batch maple syrup the old fashioned way.

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