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Our new arrival!

December was an exciting month here at Libby Maple. Our long awaited Lapierre Vision Evaporator was delivered on a very cold December morning. We had been waiting for this for over a year now and the excitement was palpable.

Jay was up early prepping the equipment needed to help with the delivery.

Shelly Bacon from Bacon Maple Farms and Ron Sheltra from Lapierre Evaporators pulled in and were ready when the 53-foot tractor trailer driven by Karine Breton arrived.

Once the doors were open we saw what we've been waiting so long for.

It took some maneuvering and the help of our friends from Charlie & Sons and their flatbed to winch equipment off of the trailer onto the hauler.

We loaded the evaporator and made the short drive to the new sugarhouse. It was tense but with the help of the entire crew we were able to slide the new evaporator into the perfect spot.

Photos were taken and once the crew departed Jay and Clint did some picking up.

The week ahead was spent peeling layers of protective film off of every inch of the shiny new equipment.

This week we are working on installation of the smoke and steam stacks as well as new lighting in the sugar house. Stay tuned for more developments as we prepare for the 2024 sugaring season.

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